Most of the 'British' go to Siem Reap to party and if they able to wake up once early, maybe they visit those stones too "similar" to Stonehenge. If they are not at Budapest's hip 7th. district, then probably easy to find them in Seam Reap Party Town. 

All of the 'Chinese' go to Siem Reap visit the largest ancient city of all time, Angkor. When I entered I quickly had to decide what am I going to shoot here because actually I could hardly move toward between the rolling umbrellas, photographers and selfie sticks. Feels like all China is here but I just realised later on my journey that all China is everywhere in SEA. Good news from last year that China has already built their own Angkor Wat playground in Nanning.

At the end, I decided to put these people into this amazing scenery, it was kind of hard to concentrate on the ruins but really funny to observe how people from around the world - just like me after all - act as a tourist.

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